WLK-8A Anion Suppressor


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Technical Q&A

1. What is the power interface?

       The flow interface of the WLK-8 series suppressor adopts two thick (1/4-28UNF) and two thin (10-32UNF) interfaces, and the power interface adopts a 4-core M8 cable. See the picture above for details.

2. Can it be used for gradient elution?

        The WLK-8 series suppressor is very suitable for gradient elution, and can use KOH, sodium tetraborate, methanesulfonic acid and other eluents for gradient elution.

3. What is the current coefficient to suppress the current?

        The current coefficient of the WLK-8 series suppressor is 2.5.

4. How do I use the electrolytic suppressor if my instrument does not have a suppressor power supply?

      It is recommended that you purchase a dedicated power supply for WLK series suppressors, which is very convenient for external use.

5. Is the WLK-8A anion suppressor suitable for both carbonate and hydroxide eluents?

        The WLK-8A anion suppressor is compatible with all eluents of the suppression method, but we do not recommend that you switch the eluent frequently, because switching between different systems takes more equilibration time.



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